The Children of Phi Phi Island Book project

We have been working with “The Children of Phi Phi Island”, a group of people (Pum is one of them) who met after the tsunami had hit Phi Phi Island. Deeply touched by the fate of the children who had lost their school, and with the support of its principal, Khun Kru Sookdee, they decided to raise money in order to support the children’s school fees and eventually help to rebuild a school.

In order to do so they have produced a book titled ‘The Children of Phi Phi Island’.

The Heart of Phi Phi’s Children project

11 orphans of the tsunami had not been able to contribute towards the first book, because they had no parents to signal them to us. When Pum came upon them, she immediately decided we should print a second book to help them as well; they need your help more than anyone. So she wrote the ‘Heart of Phi Phi’s Children’.

The Mothers of Phi Phi products project

It is good for the children to get education, but they also need to have a peaceful family environment when they go home. The children have lost their school, but their parents have lost their jobs and incomes. This of course creates tensions in the families.

The Children of Phi Phi therefore plan to create a handicrafts factory, where the mothers will produce clothing items and jewellery, inspired by the traditional techniques and modernised to fit a contemporary taste.

These items, branded ‘the Children of Phi Phi Island’ which then are sold in a retail shop on the island and at Pum restaurants and other places.