This book will help 11 orphans of the tsunami to succeed in life by offering them the possibility to go to school, but it will also contribute to the Children of Phi Phi Island project. Thanks for being generous.

This nasty tsunami has helped people to reveal their best side. When facing real distressing situations, women and men can be admirable. This counterweights our sometimes callous nature and petty offences.

And it gives confidence to mankind.

2005 is now ending; it has been a year where people had to suffer from nature in very different countries, not only in developing ones. There is so much to do to help; we can be tempted to give up… Indeed, what difference does it make to help 11 children to go to school when hundreds of thousands are dying in Kashmir?

It may seem futile… but then again this is all about a drop in the ocean!

'The Heart of Phi Phi's Children' is the follow up to the best selling book; 'The Children of Phi Phi Island'.

The book this time tells the story of 11 children who lost one or both of their parents when the tsunami struck the island of Phi Phi in Thailand's Andaman Sea.